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For the first time, in maybe ever, I sat with a blank page in front of me.

The cursor blinking, waiting… on me.

To do something, to say something.

To somehow drum up a creative idea or thing to say about the fact that my first book has been released to the wild.

It’s out there, held in the hands of whomever would like to take the intrepid trip.

Most responses I’ve received so far fall into two categories:

1. I couldn’t put it down.

2. You’ve been through a lot.

And then there’s me—the newlywed author—married to the thrill and pleasure of pain that is speaking hard truths. Ones that others cannot seem to formulate but in turn, they realize they feel too—if only, they say, could put it into words.

This book is an open doorway.

It’s the first work I’ve put out into the world, and me – being the self-critical artist that I am—already has many things I want to change. Not about the contents but the mechanics of the book. It’s a true statement of being in your twenties, making mistakes, and journeying through the valleys and mountains of life. We find ourselves in different circumstances, walking—nay—balancing—on a skinny, thin line between who we want to be and who are in society.

If you’ve read my book already (thank you for your support!!!) please take a few minutes to write an honest review.

Choose a place to review:

Thank you to my FIRST review by Rick Skogen. Beautifully written.

Much love to y'all,


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1 comentario

Completely relatable and pulled on all my heart strings. Your writing pulled me in and took me on a ride with all the feelings. I laughed, cried, remembered, and then called my therapist. You have a gift from God and I hope you never ever give up. This world is a better place with you and your writing in it.

Me gusta
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