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The Spirit of Belfast, Maine

I asked God

Would you wake me?

Before the dawn of light

so that in this pain and confusion

of life

I may experience


and without physical fact

trust that the

the universe has my back.

We arrived in the evening to a cottage in Belfast, Maine. I was disappointed at first because it looked in the photo on Airbnb that it was on the edge of a tranquil sea. The spot in front of the cottage, where the sea was meant to rest, was what appeared to be a graveyard of crushed seashells and flocking seagulls. I woke the next morning at 3:00 a.m., rolling in my thoughts and worries.

Low Tide

Sitting up from under a plush blue blanket, I looked outside and noticed the high tide. Water had rushed in, while I was asleep, and filled the graveyard bay.

It was sparkling in the moonlight. Subtle waves glistening with each humble wave.

I made a cup of coffee and watched the water sing to me - that you are human and of that restriction, I am free. You are broken and I am fluid. You are physical and I am here to show you one of my forms - liquid. And of this, you know too great to forget, that water can change into more than what it currently begets.

Water can be rushing and crushing. It can be gentle and loving. It can be humble and fine. It can be bitter ice and that still, when kissed with light, will shine.

High Tide

Each day, we went on a new adventure. The town of Belfast is a dreamy quaint little town. The bay is filled with moored sailboats, whose sailless sails clank metal and on metal in the wind. The town hosts the oldest shoe store in America (still owned be the same family!) It started in 1832. Same building. The town is perched on a hillside with little coffee shops, gourmet cheese & wine shops, and boutiques. Three pottery studios and two farmers' markets are placed throughout the little place.

We stayed in Belfast for four days, with more than enough to do.

The best seafood place we visited was Nautilus, right on the water's edge. I really didn't know if I was a fan of clam chowder - all if think of is Ace Ventura Pet Detective when he is asked the password to get into whatever building that was and he says "claaaaam chooooowderrrr."

I ordered the clam chowder and it was amazing! Best clam chowder I had the entire time. And I know I should RAVE about the lobster but my goodness - a lot of work for not so much meat. We had lobster at Young's Lobster Pound. That was more an amazing experience. While, yes, the lobster was good - I wasn't all crazed about it like I am about sushi.

Our cottage was truly lovely, you can see it here.

Lillian, the host, was very hospitable. She allowed us to take out the kayaks and SUPs (stand-up paddle board). I was able to do some yoga on a SUP, which I have never attempted.

We went hiking on the Hills to Sea trail. Very well groomed trail with plenty of space for walking three people wide. There was an old train station at the end. We did a grounding meditation led by Anna.

Sometimes, when I travel places, I put this pressure on myself like I have to see everything and visit all the best places within a fifty-mile radius. There were many great places we didn't visit, that were within 30 miles of us. But this trip came with a different ticket. It was time for reflection and healing for all three of us. The other two ladies who joined me were also going through great transitions in their lives. I was grateful for the powerful support of women. We processed a lot, dreamed, cried, and clanked many glasses filled with wine.

There were many eclectic little features in this town and international travelers who somehow visited once and have remained... like for 27 years. I bought a blanket from a Turikish woman whose spirit spoke to me in a language I didn't even know I could understand.

On our last day, we set intentions for our future selves, and, with great gentleness, bid Belfast, Maine goodbye.

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