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The Search for Purpose

Many of us are stuck at home right now–– Might I remind you, that you probably dreamed of these days while you were stuck in an office?

COVID-19 is re-shaping our world. There are a lot of uncertainties. A lot of painful losses. It's anxiety-producing, no doubt.

It's also the perfect time to challenge the life you had before. Were you truly living your life's purpose? Or are there things you wished you could pursue, if only you had more time?

Our culture is centered around productivity, #THEGRIND, achievement, and success. Stiving. We've all got something in the future that we're striving towards. But for what? For more likes on IG? More followers on Twittah?

More money?

More status?

Maybe THEN, they will be proud of me?

Today, I found a blog post about a girl who listened to a podcast I was featured on called "She Explores." In the podcast, I shared about the identity I built around "being a rock climber." How it consumed my life and all that mattered was getting better at climbing.

Then, I got injured, bad. Multiple times. I could no longer climb at the level I desired. This blog post is on a website called "Ready Sweat Go," apparently, it's a natural deodorant company in California! Pretty cool ––> Plug for Ready Sweat Go

From "Ready Sweat Go" Blog:

"When Emilee advised those who are getting through an injury to take this time to give yourself a little self-love–– that’s when the tears just flew out of me.

Maybe my attachment to climbing stems a bit from being my own harshest critic. Telling myself that I’m not good enough: that I have to be better, train harder, climb harder. And not being able to climb is my own worst fear. Getting worse. Losing progress. Being a bad climber. Being happy or content becomes irrelevant if I’m not good enough. That pressure inside myself that I need to be the best finally exploded. And my disc finally bulged, begging me to pay attention to the spilled blocks all over the floor."

Wow, that's purpose to me.

Sharing your truth, resonating with others truth, and having it make an impact. It makes those four years of battling injury after injury seem, somehow, worth it.

I have a different mindset now and honestly don't work out hard at all. I go for long walks daily. I go for LEISURE bike rides. I do twenty-minute home yoga sessions, without forcing myself to do hour-long hot yoga sessions.

All of that striving just doesn't mean much to me anymore. I have different goals. I want to enjoy the activities in my life, without forcing myself to train harder, compete better, or just be better. It's shifted to my professional life. I want to improve as an editor. I want to improve as a colleague. I want to improve as a life-partner.

Not one stage is more important than the other.

If you're in a season of grinding it out- like, you're a professional athlete, then GRIND. It's your passion. Be open, however, to it changing.

There has to be more than performance.

In America, we put a lot of our "purpose" into our work life. What we "do" is who are "are," essentially. I seek to challenge that in my own life. I love what I do, it's my daily grind. It's what I do for work, in my free time, and what I'm constantly thinking about.

But it's not my purpose for being alive.

It's a talent or a gift I use to communicate my purpose.

In these precious moments of time, extra time, challenge what your purpose is. You are much, much more than your profession.

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