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Naked in Agistri

When I first started researching the Greek islands (6,000 islands in total), the island of Agistri was #1 on my list.

Agistri is a small island just an hour ferry ride from Athens. Very few cars drive the stone pathways on the island of Agistri and it's common to see horse drawn carriages. The most common form of travel on this island is by bike or scooter.

Very few people and lots of pine trees. There is one road that winds up the side of the mountain. It tops out with a small white Catholic church. Candles are continually burning.

The doors to the church are always open.

Megan and I biked up there, walked around and enjoyed the 360 views from the top of the mountain. Aqua blue waters crashing on all sides of the island. Rows and rows of pine trees.

We stayed on this island for four days. Our hotel was on the water. Kind of hard not to be on the water with this small of an island.

On Megan's last day I asked her what she wanted to do.

She said rent bikes and swim naked in the Aegean sea, of course!

That's exactly what we did. I've never been a huge fan of clothing anyways. Swimming naked is about the most freeing thing you can do. I highly recommend it.

Megan jetted back to the States after the island of Agistri, taking a ferry called the "Flying Dolphin" across the seas. There are literally jets the spit out at insane speeds underneath the ferry and lift it off the water so it can zoom across the top of the waves.

I would say the most stressful part of this entire trip so far has been navigating from place to place. A word for those who plan to visit Greece one day - get your ferry tickets and hotel/airbnb reservations ahead of time!

I stayed one more day in Agistri and then took the Flying Dolphin back to Athens. From Athens I traveled to the airport to meet my mother.

My mom and I then traveled to her first and my final island - Skopelos Island. This is where the musical Mamma Mia! was filmed. It was the most difficult one to get to because it's in the Sporades (northern group of islands) that is furthest away from the popular port of Piraeus in Athens. It also turned out to be my favorite island out of all of the islands I visited.

Skopelos Island Blog Post is up next!



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