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MSP Tour of Creative Spaces

As a writer, I'm always on the hunt for good coffee shops. And libraries. And large inspiring spaces. I have to say, I've spent most of my life thus far in Minnesota. But one thing I have completely missed out on is the creative scene in Minneapolis.

I grew up in Brainerd and went to college in Mankato. Totally skipped over the whole Minneapolis scene because 1. Fast drivers are scary and 2. The city swell of people is overwhelming.

Fast forward four years and while I've been living in Idaho, two of my siblings moved to Minneapolis. Now when I return to Minnesota, I typically spend a few days in Minneapolis with my siblings.

What's different about this trip is it's the longest amount of time I've spent in the state since I moved away. In this blog post, I am going to share with you a very special place to me. It's inside an unbecoming brick building in downtown Minneapolis.

The story with this building starts all the way back in 2010.

I discovered two truths about myself that year. 1. I want to make a living as a writer and 2. I desire and need a creative outlet, which, I discovered to be artist journals.

Beads. Fonts. Twine. Bindings. Leaflets. Watercolors. Wire. Just all the things. In one creative journal. I would spend hours and hours just creating these journals.

That year I applied for and received a scholarship to a Writers' Conference in Minneapolis. It was a two-day conference and I attended many different panels, spoken words and learn a bit about the publishing process. I also visited the Open Book.

Em at Open Book in MSP
A little creative window into Open Book

And this trip, this current trip, in July of 2019, I visited this place again

So much has changed but the feeling I receive from this place has not changed. Every nook and cranny of this place is inspiring from published works to artistic displays.

I highly suggest this place to you, even if you only have thirty minutes. Just walk around. Feel the energy of this place! Or, if you can, hang out at their new coffee shop.

My number one recommendation is by far the Open Book.

Other coffee shops I've visited and would love to spend surmountable amounts of time at:

Nice outdoor patio. Large open areas for working. Not too loud. Known for their salted caramel latte. I had the superfood bowl - greens and granola in the same bowl. I wasn't sure about it either... but it worked.

They serve breakfast all day long. That always captures my heart. I told my sister I could live off of their menu and literally never get tired of eating what they serve. They have an outdoor patio as well but not the most comfortable for long sitting times. Indoor is nice and dimly lit.

If you desire creative movement:

My sister introduced me to Wild Hive in Minneapolis. Love this group of souls. It's a large group of people that meet together, play EDM and other types of dance music and just dance away. It is a blast. Very freeing space. Happy people. I would highly suggest this place for movement.

One last thing I was completely amazed about:

I thought I was coming from the to-be Biking Capital of America aka Boise but I think Minneapolis is about four strides ahead of Boise on that front.

I took @urbansoul for a ride around MSP - from Cycles for Change

My suggestion is to rent a bike or buy a bike for a cause and tour to the above creative spaces in MSP. I think you'll have a fancy of a time.

With Love,


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