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Lover's Island - Santorini, Greece

"Which island are you going to?" a guy from the Athens hostel asked.

"Santorini," I said.

"Are you going with a significant other?"

"No, why?"

"Because it's a honeymooner's paradise and gets awkward if you're alone."

It absolutely is a honeymooner's paradise. He was right 100%. The most romantic and termed "lovely" island by the first settlers back in, ya know, 6,000 B.C. or something ridiculous like that.

Everyone is gorgeous too. I'm surprised there wasn't a scanner on the ferry that checked if we were 1.Magazine worthy hot and 2. Traveling with someone who is also magazine worthy hot and we were clearly in love before we could enter onto this island.

Because that's the crowd we're dealing with here.

However, the fact that we are three women traveling solo who decided to stay together didn't make it any less enjoyable. We sucked the marrow out of our four days spent on this honeymooner's paradise.

We stayed at two different places. The first place was called Hotel 28. Marble floors, sugar cube rooms, white drapes and views of the ocean just five minutes away. Our room was on the second floor with a huge balcony with the sexiest shower I've ever seen. It was all stone with no curtain, just half a glass wall and a rainfall shower head.

We dropped off our bags, shimmied into our swimsuits, and paid way too much for poolside drinks while enjoying the lounge area.

Our new friend Christine, whom we met in Athens and followed to Santorini

And that's pretty much what we did for the next two days, until we switched over to Hotel Avra. Also very magical but more family-friendly. Oh, and kitty friendly. There is a fleet of multi-colored kittens with green eyes that prance about. I can never tell of they want to be petted or if they're trying to get close just to bite me because they're cats and they do irrational things like that.

We're starting to learn some of this symbolized language.

I discovered that the Greek iced coffee is amazing and so I kept ordering it. I would say, "I'd like an iced freddo please."

Megan gently corrected me saying, "Iced means freddo. You want a cafe freddo."

Oh, right. Close enough.

On the third day we attended the Wine Museum. It has existed on this island since 1660. No, not 1960. 1660. You'd think the wine would be delectable, right?

No. It was not. I told my mom that Black Box is better. This might just be my discovery that Santorini is known for their white grapes, hence, white wine. I'm way more of a red wine kinda gal.

Who knew a place could specialize in one grape over another? Not I.

I woke up with the sun and walked to the gently crashing waves of the Aegean Sea.

It truly is magical and very relaxing on this island. On the third day I laced up my Merrells and ran towards the mountains. I found some very challenging switchbacks, which was exactly what I was looking for. I had to scramble over broken rock from one section to another but it was all part of the experience.

The sunset in Santorini, Greece. Inhale. Exhale.

Next, we are headed to Crete! The largest of all the islands. It is 160 miles long and 35 miles wide at the widest point. Belay 'n I are planning a bike across it! The short way... not the long way.



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