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Slightly "Boujee" in my 2021 Malibu

My Jeep is smashed, right, because I annihilated a deer on a highway late at night. Therefore, I had to get a rental car. I told the guy on the phone, "I don't want one of those little compact cars, I'd like something comparable to my Jeep."

"No problem, ma'am," he said. "We'll get you set up with something comparable."

"Thank you."

While I waited at the shop for my Enterprise diver to arrive, I wondered if each vehicle that drove in was going to be mine. An oversized white truck-- nope. The worst red-orange-brown-blah SUV you can ever imagine-- nope. A bright orange pick-up (though I liked it, still, nope). And then, a 2020 white RAV 5 came rolling in with a driver that was... very clearly not from around these parts.

"How do you like this one?" he asked.

"Looks good to me, nice pick."

"Thank you," he said. "Hey, could you drop me off at the airport?"

I thought, hm, only in a town this size would the one person that's clearly not from here ask to be dropped off at the airport-- to which, he pulled up the GPS on his phone and typed in "Brainerd airport."

I laughed to myself (not out loud) and said, "I got you."

After I dropped my driver off, I pulled over (for safety precautions, thank you) and synced my phone to the screen waiting to play music for me. In less than one day, this car was all synced-up to my life which had suddenly become quite "boujee," if you will.

All was great, I wore heels to match the car's appearance, played downtempo music, and ordered Starbucks. Then my insurance agent called and said, "We're glad you were able to get into a car, but because you set it up yourself, you'll have to pay the daily rate yourself."

My heart dropped. $56 a day? I had already had it for four days.

The insurance agent lady continued, "If you'd like to bring that car back to Enterprise, you can either extend the one you have or swap it out. I'd recommend getting something that's within your insurance policy though."


I drive back to Enterprize and tell them I want to swap it out, for something in my coverage.

"No problem," the lady said, scanning through the wall of keys behind her. Something in me wanted to say, "please something nice..."

But I didn't, I just let the cards fall where they would.

I walked outside with my new set of keys, held them up into the air, and clicked the unlock button to see which car lit up-- a 2021 Malibu.

No problem, ma'am, I can defs roll with a 2021 Malibu.

The moral of this story is that sometimes you have to let go of something good-- to get something great. My RAV was already synced up to my life, which happens. Sometimes parts of our lives are so "synced up" it's hard to change them. It sounds like a lot of work. But, trust me, there's something better coming -- and it'll sync even better to you. I gotta say, hitting a deer and getting a brand new whip for a month wasn't the worst thing to happen... it has actually been fun to feel boujee for a minute.

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