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Five Ways to Protect Your Energy

Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? Why isn't my life working out the way it was supposed to? Why is my life a complete mess?

Ever asked yourself any of those questions?

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she said, "I think of energy in this way: I have a certain amount of it each day. It's my job to protect it. I don't need to respond to that text message if it doesn't bring me positive energy, or that call or that friend who wants to get together but completely drains me... I get to choose, instead, to speak with people who inspire me, to say affirmations to myself throughout the day, and maintain an energy that's helping me and not hurting me."

Throughout the past week, her words really stuck with me. And helped me through a very unforeseen betrayal that has happened in my life. When the thing happened, I was shocked and hurt. I wanted to lash out in anger: How could you treat me like this?

Instead of acting on those actions, I flipped it in my mind. I am not a victim in this situation, I get to choose to protect my beautiful levels of energy. I get to allow others to process the energies of their own choices, and I need not take them on. How heavy would that be? If we put other people's choices on us? When you discover that you have the strength to protect yourself and refuse to take on things that you don't need to deal with-- it opens up a lot of healing heart space.

What did I do instead? I drove to the yoga studio I teach at and danced. I danced like a beloved ballerina who knows her worth, knows she is loved and can step beyond the darkness into her own radiating light.

I had to realize that nobody is coming to save me, to feel bad for what this person did to me, to try to make me feel better-- that's a job for me and solely me. And how powerful is that?? You have it all within you-- you can share how others have hurt you or affected you, but YOU are the ONLY person who has the keys to your energy tank.

Did it still hurt what this person did to me?


I wake up every morning and the first thing I experience is pain, hurtful thoughts, and wishing that circumstances were different. But they aren't, they are what they are -- so I get to use the stored trauma in my body as an opportunity to connect with my Higher self and release it back into the Universe.

Interested in doing this yourself? Sometimes I tell people that victimhood is an ex-lover of mine-- because I felt circumstances in life were happening to me. I was a bystander, and things just kept flying at me and knocking me down. It wasn't until I decided to stand up for myself and treat myself like my brother did-- as someone worthy of love and being protected. I have channeled a lot of Tj's spirit as "big brother protector," and I remind myself that the little sister he loved so greatly is ME. And I get to step into his role as protector of me and be the protector of myself.

Back to the topic at hand: How to Protect your Energy

  1. Develop a Powerful Morning Routine Mornings are everything in regards to how the rest of your day will go. Instead of waking up and scrolling through social media, give yourself some time. I wake up, make my bed, sip coffee, rub on some essential oils, and practice a 15-30 minute meditation. This morning I literally pulled negative energy from my core and released it back into the Universe. We are, at our most simple level, energetic bodies. Only you have the ability to release negative energy and soak up beautiful golden light.

  2. Use Essential Oils I use the book Emotions & Essential Oils to guide which oils I may need that morning. Feeling anxious? Try lavender. Feeling tired? Try Eucalyptus (I put a few drops in my shower and it's pure magic). Lacking confidence? Rub some Bergamot on your wrists and over your heart space. Need a little lift? Try lemon. The use of oils is an ancient practice that is really powerful and our energetic bodies respond well to them, just make sure you're using a carrier oil like fractioned coconut oil to disperse pure oils that are more intense.

  3. Write down Affirmations Have these powerful sayings ON DECK and ready to deploy when your mind starts slipping into a victim role. Here are some of mine: I am whole and complete. I am the keeper of my energy. My heart can expand, even more. I am love. I am light. I am worthy.

  4. Say No This is a tough one. Other people's problems and negative energy are not yours, sorry. You get to be the keeper-- and if that means saying "no" to a coffee date that you know will be a dump of drama for an hour or saying "no" to taking on more than you can manage in your business or professional life -- those are choices you can make. You get to say no.

  5. Listen Within You know that small voice that sends you signals? Your intuition? Your gut? Your Spirit? Whatever you call it - it's real, and it's there to guide you. Listen within.

There you have it - five things you can do to raise your energetic frequency. I hope this is helpful. It has done wonders for me, and while I'm nowhere near an expert when it comes to protecting my energies, I am making progress. And every setback is a setup to take your power back. You get to choose that, how lucky are we? That no matter what happens, you get to choose.

With love,


p.s. okay, one final thing--- MUSIC IS SO POWERFUL. I made a playlist on Spotify that really connects with my spirit and makes me float. I listen to it while working, writing, walking, or when I'm on a drive to process emotion. It's also on my blog, check out the "Space Mode" page.

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